Brunch Menu


Morning Special

(served before 11 am only)

  1. $6.151 egg, fresh fruit, toast and coffee  
  2. $6.952 eggs, fresh fruit, toast and coffee 
  3. $8.351 egg, meat, home fries, fresh fruit, toast and coffee  
  4. $8.952 eggs, meat, home fries, fresh fruit, toast and coffee  
  5. $14.95Big appetite morning special
    (2 eggs, bacon, sausages and ham, buttermilk pancakes or Panini French toast, maple syrup, baked beans, home fries and fresh fruit)
  6. $8.95Energizer morning special
    (small smoothie or fruit cocktail, bowl of yogurt and granola with honey, fresh fruit and bagel)
  7. $9.95Breakfast sandwich Panini
    (2 eggs, cheddar cheese, choice of meat, lettuce and tomato, served with fresh fruit and home fries)
  8. $11.95Todric’s poutine
    (home fries, pancetta, bacon, hollandaise sauce, parmesan shaving…topped with a sunny side up egg for $1.50)
French Toast and Pancakes are served with Fresh Fruits and 100% Maple Syrup
  1. $8.75French Toast on Panini Bread  
  2. $11.25 French Toast with Cherry, Apricot and Hazelnut or Double Chocolate 
  3. $11.25French Toast with Banana and Walnut Bread  
  4. $11.25French Toast with Gluten Free Cheddar Muffin  
  5. $8.95Buttermilk Pancakes with Maple Syrup  
  6. $11.95Blueberry-Blue Corn Pancakes with Orange-Honey-Cinnamon Butter  
  7. $11.50Gluten Free Pancakes  
Grilled Cheese, served with Fresh Fruit and Home Fries
  1. $10.95Grilled Cheese of the Day  
  2. $11.95Grilled Cheese with Asian Pear and Brie Cheese: on Panini Bread 
  3. $14.50Grilled Cheese with Asian Pear and Brie Cheese: On Cherry, Apricot and Hazelnut Bread  
  4. $14.50Grilled Cheese with Asian Pear and Brie Cheese: On Double Chocolate Bread  
Poach Eggs, served with home fries and fresh fruits
  1. $13.50TODRIC’s Poach
    (Rye bread, arugula, prosciutto, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and parmesan cheese)
  2. $15.75Smoked Salmon Poach
    (Rye bread, baby spinach, smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce)
  3. $13.50Gluten Free Cheddar Poach
    (Gluten free Cheddar muffin*, 2 poached eggs, Grilled Vegetables, and Roasted Red Pepper-Ancho Chilli Sauce)
  4. $14.25Cajun Chicken Poach
    (Rye Bread, Cajun chicken breast, 2 poached eggs, Roasted Red Pepper-Ancho chilli sauce)
  5. $12.75Brie and Portobello Poach Eggs  
  1. $14.95Bagel and Lox
    (Bagel, herb cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomato slices, capers, red onion, fresh fruit and home fries)
  2. $12.95Chef’s Omelette
    (Served with choice of meat, toast, fresh fruits and home fries)
  3. $10.45Quiche of the Day  
  4. $11.25 Breakfast Burrito
    (Scramble eggs, peppers and onion, wrap in a tortilla, topped with in house SOUTHWEST SALSA*, cheddar cheese, fresh fruits and home fries)
  5. $11.75Baked Eggs Casserole with in house SMOKED CHEDDAR
    (Red potatoes, green onion, 2 eggs, bacon, pancetta, grilled vegetables, topped with Smoked Cheddar, served with fresh fruits and toast)
  6. $10.45Frittata
    (2 eggs, fresh tomatoes, sweet bell peppers grilled and marinated, baby spinach and provolone cheese, fresh fruit and toast)