Lucky moment a reporter avoids being struck by a falling wall during a live report from flood-hit NSW

A TV reporter has narrowly escaped injury after a wall came crashing down behind her during a live report from flood-hit New South Wales.

Sky News journalist Gabriella Power was reporting from Taree, on the Mid North Coast, on Tuesday, where raging floodwaters have inundated homes and local businesses.

As she provided an update on the weather crisis from the town’s CBD, several removalists were behind her hauling furniture from a store into the back of a truck.

‘It is certainly an all-hands-on-deck situation and everyone I have spoken to is rallying together to get through this incredibly tough time,’ Ms Power said, watching the men preparing to move the wall.

SkyNews journalist Gabriella Power narrowly escaped injury after a wall fell down behind her during a live cross in Taree on Tuesday

The three men walked around the large panel, negotiating the best way to pick it up, while Ms Power continued her coverage, taking a few steps forward as she spoke to the camera.

But seconds later, the men lost grip and the wall came tumbling down behind her, right where she had just been standing.

Startled by the noise, Ms Power clutched her chest as she turned around to find a man had fallen on top of the wooden board.

The segment was shared online with many social media users chiming in on the close call.

‘Good thing Gabriella stepped forward rather than backward!’ one person wrote.

Another added: ‘Lucky you’re so fast.’

Wild weather has caused widespread flooding across the state’s east coast and in southeast Queensland, inundating towns and blocking rocks.

Social media users were quick to point out how lucky Ms Power (pictured) was to have taken a few steps forward seconds earlier

The mid-north coast was particularly hard hit, with 15,000 residents ordered to evacuate low-lying areas, including Taree, Macksville, Port Macquarie, Lower Macleay and Kempsey.

Thousands of residents have since returned to their Taree homes to survey the damage, with many finding precious belongings destroyed and silt-covered floors.

One couple from the area tragically lost their home last week, with viral footage showing their house floating down the Manning River, at Mondrook, during heavy flooding.

Conditions started to ease in flood-ravaged parts of the state on Wednesday, but massive volumes of water continue to flow down river systems, with some areas yet to see floods peak.